Welcome to Suffolk Phones

Do you have bad credit and have been laboring to get mobile phone contract without credit checks? Are you getting tired of being rejected every time you apply for a mobile phone contract? If yes, you need to stop your search as Suffolk Phones has got you covered. Since our inception, we have continued to help thousands of people with bad credit across the UK. We have established ourselves as a trusted no credit checks mobile phones contracts across the UK and this has in essence made us the provider of choice among thousands of people across the UK.

What we are all about

Suffolk Phones is all about giving people equal opportunities in so far as approval of mobile phones contracts is concerned. We believe that people should not be discriminated upon simply because they have bad credit. A mobile phone is an important asset and plays a vital role in the lives of many people across the UK. It’s therefore imperative that people get approved for mobile contracts in order to be able to communicate, socialize and do everything else that a mobile phone is capable of doing. Our commitment to excellent customer service and continuous improvement has seen us providing our customers with nothing short of the best services. We have a number of mobile phone contract packages and plans for people with bad credit and this accords them an opportunity to choose a contract that appeals to them and which meets their needs.

Who we are

Suffolk Phones is not your ordinary kind of provider (like PhonesWorld) when it comes to no credit checks mobile phone contracts. We are committed to making a difference in our customer’s lives irrespective of their credit score. We have employed the services of highly qualified personnel to enlighten our customers on our no credit check mobile phone contracts. We ensure that our customers understand all there is to understand before entering into a contract with us. Our affordable plans are what sets us apart from other providers in the UK and continues to be our strong forte. We believe in being an equal opportunity service provider and this is seen in the way we treat our customers. Our belief in provision of quality services has seen us partner with various industry leaders in provision of professional advice. One of our trusted partners Money Supermarket has been pivotal in providing our customers with credible and useful advice on mobile phone contracts. We are always a step ahead of our rivals and this is what has seen our popularity soar beyond the roof. We believe that our customers are out most important asset and as such we always go out of our way to ensure that they are satisfied beyond measure.

Getting approved

To be approved with Suffolk phones is not a tall order or akin to climbing a mountain. We understand that you need to get approved for a mobile phone contract and move on to better things. We therefore do not go back and forth trying to bring up issues that won’t help you as our customers. You credit rating should not be a major cause of concern when you do business with us. You simply need to apply and our qualified customer personnel will review your application and approve it with 24 to 48 hours.

Why should you settle for us?

There are indeed many reasons as to why you should choose to apply for a no credit check mobile phone contract with us. Some of them include:

  • We do not discriminate you based on your credit rating
  • You have the guarantee of your application being approved
  • We are professional in every aspect
  • Our mobile phone contract plans are affordable
  • We approve your application in record time
  • We treat you with utmost respect