About Us

Suffolk Phones is a provider that has the needs of all people who have bad credit or a low credit score at heart. We have continually put in place mechanisms to ensure that all people with bad credit from wherever they are in the UK can enjoy affordable no credit checks mobile phone contracts without feeling inferior or as if they are outcasts. Since we started operations, our core objective has been customer satisfaction, provision of affordable mobile contracts and treating our customers with utmost respect. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is has a direct consequence on our success as an outstanding provider across the UK.

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and this is why we have different mobile phone contracts plans to ensure that our customers have a wide array of choices to make from. What sets us apart from other providers across the UK is that we put the needs of our customers before anything else. We are always working to partner with leading industry in provision of professional advice to ensure that our customers make informed decisions concerning the various contracts that they sign up for.

With our highly trained professionals, our customers can expect unbiased advice and make decisions that help them in every aspect. We believe that the needs of our customers come before our own and this is why we continue to offer services that exceed their expectations. We don’t care whether you have bad credit or your credit score is in a sorry state. We are always committed to ensure that you get approved for a mobile phone contract plan of your choice and that all your expectations are met if not exceeded. If you have been rejected for a mobile phone contract elsewhere, you need not despair but come to us and we will always have something for you.