What is your required credit score before I get approved for a mobile phone contract?

At Suffolk Phones, your credit rating is not a determinant when we are approving your mobile phone contract application. We offer no credit check mobile phone contracts and therefore you do not need to worry about your credit score. Simply apply for any of our plans and you can be rest assured that you will be approved.

What is the standard waiting period before I can receive my handset?

Suffolk Phones is all about providing you with a great experience. Ours is to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and services and that you keep carrying on our good name. We therefore ensure that you receive your handset within 24 to 48 hours after application.

Do I have a guarantee that my application will be approved?

Yes. You do not need to worry that your application won’t be approved based on your credit rating. If there are no errors on your application, be rest assured that we will surely approve your application. However, should there be any errors, we usually inform you so that you can rectify the mistakes and have it approved within no time.

Do I have a free hand to choose the kind of plans you offer?

Yes. We do not in any way impose on you or decide for you the kind of no credit check mobile phone plan you should go for. You have a free hand to compare our plans and choose one that you feel best meets your needs.

Any special offers you offer your customers?

Every once in a while, we like appreciating our customers for the role they have played in making us one of the top providers in the UK. We therefore at various times run promotions and offers specifically designed to thank our customers for choosing us and making us who we are.

Is an upfront payment a must?

We don’t like to use the word must but we require you to make an upfront payment as a security measure. The amount you pay is deducted in your monthly payments and therefore you need not worry. In certain circumstances, we return the upfront fee in full at the end of your contract together with interest.

Do you decide the network for me?

We have partnered with major networks in provision of no credit check mobile phone contracts and therefore you have a free hand to choose a contract that best suits your need. We do not in way impose a contract on you and the choice is always yours on the kind of network you want.

Do you offer contracts for new phones only?

Suffolk Phones is all about giving you what you deserve or require. Ours is to make available a wide range of options and the onus is on you to choose the kind that you want. In this regard, you can go for a refurbished phone or one that is new depending on your tastes or preferences.

Am I at liberty to choose my preferred contract commitment period?

Generally, there are 3 types of commitment; the 12 month commitment, the 18 month commitment, and the 24 month commitment period. As a security measure, we require that our customers on no credit check mobile phones contract be committed for at least 18 months or 24 months.