Getting Premium Smartphones via No Credit Check Mobile Phone Deals

If you have failed from a credit check, then you are probably headed for no credit check mobile phones. Even though a number of network providers and retailers consider your credit history as part of your credit assessment process, it is not the only factor that determines whether your application will be accepted or rejected.

You can benefit from the range of no credit check mobile phones available in stock from different retailers and network providers across the UK. All you have to do is to select a phone, though iPhones among other premium devices may not be provided as part of your choices. After phone selection, you will have to choose a tariff that best suits your needs and pay as a monthly rental.

Everyone becomes a little excited when it comes to the types of phones that they can select with a bad credit. The fact that you have a poor credit doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no right of making a choice. Most of the mobile phones under no credit check are mid budget and mid-range models. If you are optimistic on one of the trendy phones such as Samsung, HTC or Apple smartphones, then you have no option rather than going for a SIM only contract. With a SIM only contract, you are not hiring the phone from your network provider and it is far much cheaper with a high acceptance rate.

Despite the no credit check mobile phone deals being out there, it is worth noting that they do not come with free gifts. For you to land on a phone contract that comes with free gifts, you will have to choose the traditional monthly payment deal.

If your interest is rather on the premium phones such as iPhone, rather than gifts, yet you have a poor credit rating, you still stand a chance. A poor credit rating doesn’t mean you can’t get an iPhone absolutely, though the process might be a bit tough. Deals on Apple phones tend to be more costly than on Android, but you can purchase an iPhone 4S, 5, 5S or 5C SIM free and then pop into a SIM only contract where you get to make monthly payments. You should select the guaranteed contract phones since it will be far much easier and your future credit ratings will not be affected. A SIM only contract will also show your network provider that you will be able to make payments every month. You only need to do this for at least three months, making payments on time. The network company will give you the opportunity to upgrade to a handset of your choice.

Getting a new Smartphone is becoming more difficult with the increasing difficulties in passing the credit checks. If you are wondering why you keep failing your credit checks, there could be plenty reasons apart from an outstanding debts in bad credit history. Additionally, mobile phone retailers are also becoming stricter concerning the persons to whom they sell mobile phones to. You can however build your credit score by being a steadfast candidate via your phone contract.