Handy Tips on Securing No Credit Check Mobile Phones

Even if you have a bad credit rating, there are still chances that you can be accepted for the latest and trendy Smartphones such as the new Samsung Galaxy, HTCs and Apple iPhones. Probably you’ve heard of companies that offer no credit check mobile phones contracts to those with poor credits that cannot be accepted anywhere else.

However, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of; it is most unlikely that a person gets accepted for high end value mobile phones such as iPhone 6 plus with a very poor credit rating. Usually, when making a mobile phone contract application to a network operator, it is not only the line that is issued under the contract. The cost of the mobile phone is also under consideration. Trendy smartphones can cost as much as $900 or higher. Adding that to the cost of airtime, that is roughly $1000 plus in credit offered to you. For that reason, a credit check is done when you make a mobile phone contract application.

The company also may consider your credit history, though that may not be all that the company may have to look into. Details of your employment, work and age also help build your picture. Other relevant information such as being registered as a voter to confirm your identification may have to be used.

Mobile phone operators usually carry out the credit check to verify that you are the person you claim to be, as recommended by law. Credit checking is normally where most applicants with poor credit score get rejections. An alternative to rejection is getting an acceptance, and that means you don’t have to undergo the credit check. In that case, a PAY As You Go option will be provided by the company, or a SIM only contract.

It is most important to understand that the network operators are basically after customers. Millions of dollars are spent to improve on their service delivery, and in return they seek for customers who are able to make payments on time. However, it’s important to bear in mind that you can still get yourself a mobile phone even with a poor credit rating. This is because your credit history is only an element in the credit assessment process.

When you choose the no credit check option to get yourself a mobile phone, the network company in the UK or the retailer will most likely ask for an upfront deposit payment depending on the phone you are after. The upfront is then refunded at the end of your contract or after sometime during the contract. In order to amplify your chances of getting no credit check mobile phones, it is necessary that you be on the electoral register.

While making your application, ensure that you use the same address as that of your voter registration. Additionally, try out the cheaper phones as the more expensive a phone is, the high the chances of getting rejection. iPhones and other premium devices should therefore considered keenly before application.

You should ensure that you possess a proper bank account. It’s very common that people with a poor financial history do not have a debit or credit card on their bank accounts, which is essential for taking a mobile phone contract.

If for any case, you have been rejected despite the above efforts, don’t keep on reapplying as this reflects on your credit report and gives you bad rating even more. Instead, consider a SIM only contract.